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Andy Jones, from Isis Arts, started a six week video course with the Young Men’s Group.



The Collective, our rappers, were performing at the Riverside as part of a showcase of young people’s activities/projects available in the West End.



Active Citizens event at The Beacon, with our Provident Band providing the music. It was their first private booking.




Release of CHAT Trust The Music Volume 1 – showcasing some of the young people who have worked with us over the years. Free download available here.



The funeral service of former trustee Jean Royal was held today at St Mary’s Cathedral. We would like to offer our sincere condolences to Jean’s family.



We received £1,000 from the Hadrian Trust towards our core costs. Thank you.



Gipsy Provident and Gipsy Lipstick performed at a Roma Holocaust memorial event at the Riverside Health Centre.

Reclaim The Lanes - final report and videos released about this successful collaboration between CHAT, Newcastle University, young people, residents, local artists and organisations. See the videos and download the report here


Lindsey Duncanson from Isis Arts started a six week photography course with the Young Women’s Group.


The Greening Wingrove Outreach Project is getting underway and we are being funded to provide Friday night activities in the Bike Garden, working with young people who are accessing the Park. Our aim is to encourage young people to engage positively in the space and to work towards preventing anti–social behaviour. The pilot will run for six months.


We the Crowd - Our very own Gipsy Lipstick performed a cover version of a Slovak song and one brand new rap piece written especially for the event. Alongside Annie Rigby, Louis Thomas has been doing most of the work with the group and has done a fantastic job as they have really stepped up. We are expecting that their new found confidence will spill over into the East by North East sessions.


We were successful with our funding bid to the Tudor Trust. We have been awarded a final grant of £23,000.


Keyfund - Rebecca Baty from The Key visited us on Tuesday 1st November. Together we encouraged the Young Women to form a Key Fund group. They decided they want to go horse riding and having completed the paperwork they have been given the go ahead to develop their idea for a panel.



Bike Club - We are underway again with the next round of Rebuild yr Bike. We have been given six bikes by Recyke Yr Bike that need stripping down and putting back together. The community Dr Bike will also start up this week on Tuesday evenings.




Greening Wingrove Apple Day - We provided the music throughout the event, with not only a soundtrack, but live performances from Gipsy Airmax, Gipsy Provident and Little Swish and Wizzy, supported by Rick Fury. The music was very well received and the event was a fantastic networking opportunity, as our Chair of Trustees can verify.



Frequencies - Last year we attended this event with the UnCzech’d. This year it was with Gipsy Provident. We were the first organisation to take Eastern European music onto a mainstream stage. The music mentors who attended the event were very impressed with our band and commented specifically on how tight they were as a unit. They suggested work needed doing on their communication with the audience, so that will be something we will be focusing on in the coming months. In addition we took twenty other young people to watch the event most of whom are working on their Arts Award as part of East by North East.


We received a cheque for £810.40 from Fenharmonic towards our work with young people and music.

We are finally beginning to see success on a bigger stage for three young people who have all developed their art form through the CHAT Trust.  


  • Kema Sikazwe (Kema K) has appeared as an extra in Beowulf and has just released his latest album;
  • Karlene Thomas (Kay Greyson) has just released her latest album, is appearing on local radio stations and has performed in a supporting role alongside two established rappers;
  • Shofi Islam (Shayce-Opal) is currently appearing on X-Factor and has signed a management contract.

 This success is re-inspiring the current crop of young talent to work harder.  

Reclaim the Lanes - Dr David Webb from Newcastle University has commissioned two films - a short docufilm explaining the thinking behind Reclaim the Lanes and a showcase of activities. He has also had translated the recordings of the focus groups, in which the Slovak community have made it quite clear that they really like the CHAT Trust and they value the work that we do.




Youthwise put on a spectacular Summer Blast event in the Exhibition Park. Artists with connections to CHAT put on some superb performances in the band stand. Awesome - Kay Greyson, The UnCzech’d, Twice Two, Kema Kay plus singer and song writer Aimee Lambert and a poet – entertained a sizeable crowd from 3.30pm – 7.30pm.





Summer Programme - We were a little quieter than normal over the Summer, as a good number of our regulars headed back to the Czech Republic or Slovakia for the break. This however created a great opportunity for us to hold Outreach events on three  consecutive Thursdays in The Bike Garden. It was meant to be four, but rain stopped play and also derailed a proposed visit by MP Chi Onwurah. Despite the variable weather, working with FAR, Streetwise and Teenage Kicks, we engaged with 75 young people, only 13 of which access the youth provision at the CHAT Trust. They were a mixture of White British, Pakistani, Bengali, Romanian, Slovak and others.



31/08/16 (every Tues + Wed)
East by North East - We are currently on target to complete twenty Bronze Arts Award portfolios ready for moderation in February 2017; followed by twelve Silver Awards and one Gold Award later in the year.



Young people from our East by North East project performed at CHAT Trust as part of a Reclaim The Lanes event.

Six bands/groups mixing up gypsy, Czech, Roma, Slovak, folk traditions with pop, rock, hip hop and rap.....ridiculous amounts of talent.....that's how we do it....on fire!! Thanks to all the musicians and support workers. North Benwell Youth Project Sage Gateshead Youth Music



Keyfund - both JME and Degese were successful with their panels and arranged to go trampolining and quad-biking in the next few weeks. 



UnCzech'd Walls


Live version of Walls recorded at The Bike Garden on the day of the grand reveal of the art work created for the community as a Stage 3 Keyfund project.



Our brand new artwork in the Bike Garden. Well done to the MC Sausages who secured the funding from The Key to make this with Creative Ginger for the community. Thanks also to the amazing Community Clay Oven team who kept us well fed with delicious pizza and garlic bread, and finally, thank you to all those who came along to support.



Our Young Women's only activity Stream opened. This is for young women aged 13 - 21 from the West End of the city.

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