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John Muir Award

One of our key objectives is to build skills which both enhance an individuals CV and are then cascaded down throughout our organisation and into the community. We have a couple of projects that we have under development to achieve this objective one of which is the John Muir Award. www.johnmuirtrust.org/john-muir-award

This award is an environmental award scheme for people of all backgrounds and all ages. It's non-competative, inclusive and accessible and relatively low cost which makes it a perfect vehicle for the work of CHAT Trust. It's purpose is to connect people to wild spaces and to encourage them to Respect, Protect and Enjoy them.

For CHAT this means that on a local level we will be providing opportunities to connect on a deeper level with the Nunsmoor Park and Greening Wingrove Community Bike Garden with a plan to develop broader connections with the local Northumberland National Park through the Mosaic initiative.

We are currently piloting our activity plans for the differnt levels with our volunteers and young people.

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